A Comparison of Language Based Software: Systran & Tell Me More Review & Coupon Code
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A Comparison of Language Based Software: Systran & Tell Me More Review & Coupon Code

In this report

When buying language based software a prospective consumer is often searching for the product that best suits thier needs. In a market that is heavily saturated with competing products it becomes overwhelming when trying to decide which product will do the job the best.

In this process companies will often try to sell their products by adding features which may not be required by the consumer. In an effort to "save money" it becomes necessary to find the best value product at the lowest possible cost. To help with this decision this article will compare two language based softwares: Systran and Tell Me More.

#1 - Systran   http://www.systran.com



  • Single software that is able to translate between multiple languages.
  • Multiple editions, purchase the version that is best suited for your needs.
  • Able to translate webpages in addition to text.


  • Not an ideal software to learn a new language with.
  • "Machine Translator" translates with algoritms instead of human input.


  • Varied prices ranging from 70$ to 750$.
  • Multiple grades of translation software.
  • More expensive versions contain more features.

#2 - Tell Me More   http://www.tellmemorestore.com/

Tell Me More


  • Ideal software to learn a new language with.
  • Available in many commonly used global languages.
  • Software divided into levels, suitable for those with various language skills.


  • Only one language per product.
  • Unable to translate webpages and documents.
  • Product has a high learning curve to use.


  • Prices range between 100$ and 400$
  • More common languages cost more than less common languages.
  • Cost is also based on levels of difficulty.
The Bottom Line

In general, the products Systran and Tell Me More are products that each serve very different purposes. For example Systrans is a machine translator which is useful for translating websites, and text documents. Tell Me More is a translation software that is designed to teach its user a new language.

While these products serve different purposes they both serve to provide ways to communicate in multiple languages. For document translation Systran is a capable product for the job. However, when multiple people are required to interact in multiple languages, Tell Me More is better suited for the job.

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