A Look at the Difference Between Language and Communication
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A Look at the Difference Between Language and Communication

A look at the difference between language and communication and is it true woman talk more then men?

Philology is the science of Language; Linguistics is the usual academic term in English for the scientific study of language

The question “is man the only animal that can talk to each other”? Must lead on to a considerable debate

In the wild chimpanzees have been known to talk to each other, on approaching danger.

For example, if one chimpanzee sees a snake, he makes a low, rumbling noise, signaling for all the other chimps to climb into nearby trees, but in this case it is merely communication rather then the use of a language

Squid can communicate

The notes of Ferdinand de Saussure explore language as a system of signs that express ideas, this is not unique to chimps, meerkat use this system in their calls, as do bees in bee dance, birds use it, in their song as well as Whales, and as for the Caribbean Reef Squid, these little rascals can communicate using a variety of colour

They can also use colour and patterns to communicate with one another in various courtship rituals.

However, these instances of communication cannot be classed as true language

The historical record of linguistics began in India with P??ini, the 5th century BC grammarian who formulated 3,959 rules of Sanskrit morphology, and with Tolkappiyar, he was a 2nd century BC grammarian, he classified the alphabet into consonants, vowels, and elements such as nouns, verbs and vowels.

Women really do talk more than men

Aristotle believed that language was part of the intrinsic nature of man, I notice he says “man” when it comes to women, and speech it’s another thing, a recent study confirms women really do talk more than men, lets face it half of the population has suspected this for a long, long time.

In fact, women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day - 13,000 more than the average man.

In the bible it says “it's better to sleep on the roof of your house than to live with a nagging woman” However I digress

Some languages are only spoken by a handful of people.

There are about 6900 known languages many of these are variations of established languages, some of these variations are only spoken by a handful of people, so the number is constantly changing these people die along with their language, also dialect is counted in this number, so it is to be taken loosely.

A recent study concluded that the most difficult language to learn is Basque, this is the language spoken in parts of Spain and France, this is closely followed by Hungarian but it all depends on your own mother tongue and contrary to believe English is not the most spoken language in the world, but it will be soon.

Mandarin is spoken by 1151 million people and English by 1000 million

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Comments (11)
Suzi xxx

hahaha omg I've never laughed so hard ever Johnny, of course women talk more then the man does...I thought everyone knew that haha, May my mate never sleep on the "roof"! Very interesting job, its for sure we all have a slang to our own languages. Thanks For Sharing With Me. Great job.

carole (bishy57)

Great post ha ha ha, thank you for sharing!


Actions speak louder than words!

Well, I just love words, whether I say them, think them or type them, give me words.

I am a total linguaholic ! Loved this article.

Nice work, Johnny. Your choice for an opening graphic had me chuckling. My wife who learned sign language because she adopted a hearing impaired and learning delayed son during her first marriage, tells me it means the color "Yellow" or the letter "Y", I've always thought of it as being the sign for "Hook Em Horns," the Texas A&M football fans hand sign.


Good post and ok... I agree. Women talk more than men. Thanks.

I love this article; also the picture of the chimpanzees.

Christine Ramsay

A really good article. In our house both my hubby and my son can talk the hind legs off a donkey. I never get a word in. That's why I write my words in poetry, lol. I feel really educated after read this.


LOL!!!Awsome Artcile!Bravo!

Neva Flores

A wonderful, informative article...........thank you Johnny!

Really interesting article! Animals do communicate with each other but not through speech, they use body language.